Each Division within the Ohio Department of Commerce has a Frequently Asked Questions section. To visit a particular Division's FAQ's page, please click the Division name on the menu bar above.



Q. What is the role of the Department of Commerce?

A. The Ohio Department of Commerce is one of the state's chief regulatory agencies. It enforces a variety of regulations that apply to:

  • bedding and upholstered furniture
  • boilers
  • cemeteries
  • check cashing services
  • construction compliance
  • credit service organizations
  • elevators
  • financial institutions
  • fireworks
  • insurance premium finance companies
  • labor laws
  • liquor control
  • mortgage brokers & loan officers
  • pawnbrokers
  • precious metals dealers
  • pressure piping
  • real estate, real estate appraisers
  • second mortgage businesses
  • securities
  • small loan businesses
  • steam engineers
  • unclaimed funds
  • underground storage tanks
  • video service franchising
  • worker safety

Q. What is the Department's vision?

A. The Department's vision is: "Enhancing Ohio's future by providing fair, consistent regulation that balances maximum benefit for the public with minimal intrusion on business."

Q. What is the Department's mission?

A. The Department's mission is: "To fulfill our legal obligations to safeguard the public, while striving to regulate commerce in a reasonable, fair and efficient manner."

Q. Who leads the Department and the Division of Administration?

A. The Director of the Department of Commerce leads the Division of Administration as well as the eight operating Divisions and various programs.

Q. How is the Department funded?

A. Seven of the eight operating Divisions are self-funded, deriving their revenue through licensing, inspection and other fees charged to its customer agencies. The Division of Labor and Worker Safety is funded through the state's general revenue fund and by federal dollars. The Division of Administration maintains operations through assessments from the operating Divisions.

Q. How can I gain employment with the Department?

A. The Office of Human Resources coordinates the hiring of new staff. When a position becomes available, a position description is posted which outlines the nature of the job duties, minimum qualifications, whether the job is full-time, part-time or temporary, and, if the position is covered by a union contract. For a listing of available positions within the Department of Commerce, go to the State of Ohio website page for Commerce postings. Some positions require a civil service test in order to apply for that position. For information on civil service testing, go to the State of Ohio website page for civil service testing. All positions require the submission of the Ohio Civil Service Application form GEN-4268 (Revised 06/97). The application is available at the State of Ohio website page for application. For additional information regarding employment with the State of Ohio, go to the State of Ohio website page for Centralized Recruitment Office.

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