Sheryl Maxfield was appointed director of the Department of Commerce in January 2019 by Governor Mike DeWine. She serves as a member of the Governor’s cabinet and is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the Department of Commerce.

The Department of Commerce is one of the state’s leading regulatory agencies. The department is focused on promoting the growth, success and safety of businesses in real estate, industrial compliance, securities, financial institutions, liquor control, fire safety and unclaimed funds.

Prior to her appointment as director, Maxfield served as chief counsel for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. Her responsibilities included oversight of 11 sections of the office which practice in legal areas ranging from Antitrust to Workers’ Compensation. She joined the Ohio Attorney General’s Office in 1984, and served in various capacities during her time, including assistant chief of the Court of Claims section, the chief of the Executive Agencies section and chief of the Health & Human Services section. She previously served as first Assistant Attorney General.

During her career, Maxfield has been recognized by her colleagues for her professionalism and legal expertise. She received an AGO Professionalism award in 1997 and in 1999 was the inaugural recipient of the Simon B. Karas Award for Outstanding Legal Contribution to the Attorney General’s Office.

Maxfield earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Bowling Green State University and a law degree from the University of Toledo, College of Law. She is married to lawyer Michael Maxfield.

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